Saturday, August 13, 2011

GYM! hehe

Soo still haven't gone to the gym
sadly but I'm going today fer
sure. Just need to get my bike
from the bf's house, sucks hes
in the USA atm... its out 2 year
today! :] I really do love him

soo its like a 20 min walk
and then 5 min bike rid back
here. then 30 min bike ride to
the gym then about 45 min to
bike back home due to hills

lots of exercise today!
I'm going to do some
elliptical, stair-master,
and idk what else

but only like 15-30
mins on the elliptical
and prolly 15 on the
stair-master, But I'm
gonna stay there for
about an hr... soo
maybe I'll do some
light weights and
what not.

anyways, srry i haven't been the best
blogger lately. been maddd busy with
stuff, blaaa so gonna go to the gym
today and tomorrow, maybe I wont
bike there... since my bike sucks, n
then I could just do some stationary
bike stuff, idk still contemplating

still haven't eaten today.
i like it :) needa be strict
gotta be 129 by weds!
just out of the 130's at
least. Wish me luck!

i love you all!
work hard!

I will be thin
Because I'm worth it