Monday, August 1, 2011

Challenge time: Readers Plz Read

First I would like to respond to a few ppl
and I'm sorry I haven't been on in a while

Run: I totaly agree that it sucks 100% that anything to do with family and friends always seems to revolve around food. Makes all of this soo much harder but with your support I feel soo much stronger.

Pralinka: I am soo happy I have a new follower. & I am now following you as well. You have an amazing style. & I think your perfect

Everyone!: Please, if you have a pro ana/mia blog and support this could you please mention me to other pro ana and mia people who you think might be interested? thanks soo much!

Now lets get down to buissiness.
I am not mentioning how much I
weigh till the 10th. I am doing a
new weightloss program & I dont
want to jinx it. I know I said I would
update you guys but guess it will
have to wait. hehe. 

So today was day 1 & I rocked it!
Soo happy I have control :] but...
I hung out with the boyfriend 2day
& if you remember I said I wana be 
111... he said no! 115 minimum...

But I'm still going to do it!
I'm going to try as hard as
I can! & I'm trying to get
between 120-125 before the
31st. wish me luck!

Just taking it 1 step at a time.
If anyone wants to know what
the diet plan is let me know and
I will post a blog about it.

The first 10 days are going to suck
& there is no limit of how long I'll be
doing it. Soo I'll be stuck with it till
at least October. But thats okay.

More control the better
I love you all soo much!

Stay positive!
Your beautiful no matter what!

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