Friday, July 8, 2011

Wish apon a star...

Soo good news first cuz that way this may seem
not so bad, I burned over 1000 cals 2day witch
I am very happy about walk, swim, the works!

Now for the bad news... I feel bloated and wish
I didnt eat the salsa or the humus, my cals  were
under 800 today But I'm still scared I'm gonna be
134... n thats not fair. Ive been working so hard

& honestly I'm afraid of failure
I dont want to let myself down

& I need help! Advice! on how to not eat when your on vacation with your parents because the whole Im sick thing isnt going to work for an entire week... :[ n i dont wana come back and be 134 and up... Im terrified! Please?!?! advice???

I need your help to keep me strong
I will not break! I will succeed 


  1. get some fruit and veg from the local super market.

    Cut the fruit up and eat sloooowly for breakie. (dont finish it)

    For lunch- if you go out- ALWAYS order a side salad and start with that (no dressing) have a bit of the meat (protien) and then claim your stuffed.

    if you stay in- say your not hungry for a big meal, say you will snack on breakfast leftovers or raw veg.

    dinner- repeat lunch.

  2. Sweet thanks
    Sounds like a solid plan
    & I already told my mom
    I'm giving up most carbs
    Thats what she did so she
    cant really tell me not to

    haha <3
    thanks for the support darling