Friday, July 8, 2011

Sports bras and boxing gloves

I might get back into kickboxing in the fall
It really depends cuz I am signed up for a
Gym, its supposed to open in August soo

far away but pacients pays off, right?! lol

so its almot 11, plan on wrkingout 
from 11-12 then go swimming for
2 hrs. Just by working out Ill burn
a Little more than 300, Depends 

what I'm feeling, and swimming I
will burn 350 every hour, so thats
a little over 1000 cals, right? haha

math wasnt my best sub
soo wish me luck! Time
to get dressed & wrking
at it ;] soo how is every-
one? I'm soo tan! haha

I will be skinny!
New pics when I hit 130 <3


  1. Well, I'm nat tan. Thouh hopefully I will be soon. Leaving for Bulgaria tomorrow, hell yeah!

    If kickboxing doesn't start 'til fall, you should just wait for that gym I think. Until then, just keep on swimming! :)

    Good luck with the math!
    - Bella <3

  2. Lol I've been working on my tan since summer started, But I don't wana be too tan! bleck lol.
    I Hope You have fun in Bulgaria! :]
    & gotta love having a pool! lol Very excited for the gym tho

  3. luckyyyy! i'm so pale still bleh!! i have tan lines, but not the ones i want haha. awesome calorie burn!!!

  4. I love the pictures you posted. The 2nd one is so beautiful!

  5. :] Thankyou darling
    I'm glad you like em