Saturday, July 9, 2011

:) Smile

I'm finally out of 134! soo happy!
132.7 Is the new number! Really
would like to be 125 before I go
to AZ. If not I at least want to be
128. I havent seen below 130
since I was in grade 6... not alot

of you guys know my story
the truth is I was in class 1
obesity at a very young age
I went to fat camp and that
helped get me into a normal
range but now I'm just a girl

who is striving for perfection.
& in my eyes, perfection is
achievable. I'm happy atm :]

Any advice on how to avoid eating with the family when your on vacation?

I'm in love with the tattoo in the first pic
really would like to get a dream-catcher
on me somewhere :)


  1. Congrats on the loss! You'll be below 130 in no time. :) To avoid eating, come up with places to go or things to do that don't involve food. A museum or a zoo would work. Any food sold would be expensive so it'll help you choose more wisely if you think about the price and you would be doing a lot of walking and such to burn off calories. And it's hot so hopefully that will help you control you appetite. I get less hungry when it's hot out. And drink a lot of water to keep you feeling full (or at least less hungry). Stay strong. :)

  2. Awesome job with the weight loss! and whoa you havent been below 130 since sixth grade and your 132 now?! thats freaking amazing, your making such great progress :D

    hmm about the family vacation thing, i would recommend staying at a different pace than everyone else. For example, if you guys are eating after going for a swim, stay in the water longer and by the time youre finished changing out of your swimsuit everyone will already be close to done with their food. I hope this works for you! <3

    P.S remember to eat slow!

  3. Good job!!! i'm so proud of you!! i can't seem to get out of 132, which is frustrating since i was at 131 yesterday. we'll break this barrier together, stay strong!! i love your blog <3

  4. Thanks you two!
    All ur ideas are really going to help me with going on vaykay with the family :] I really appreciate the support!

    & I'm excited to see 120's!
    really hope I can be there soon!