Thursday, July 7, 2011

The fat on skinny!

soo today was a wreck and not 
even Mia could save me... psht
Chinese food? Thats the prob
with seeing the boyfriend... food
is always involved due to the fact

that he knows of ana, mia, everything n
he was going nuts not seeing me eat a 
thing! Not even one popcorn piece! So
he felt the need to go out for Chinese...
not fair... But! when he picked me up
today he said I felt lighter and my face
made the entire room light up! :] hehe

2morow is a diff game plan
10or11-12 working out it
depends when I get up soo
then I have a friend coming
at 1-3 and were going to be
swimming for like 2 hrs, then!
when she leaves I shall bake
or cook, depends, cuz I am
a great chef, and I dont have
to eat the stuff :) hehe only
veggies and fruit tomorrow
till Sunday 

& I know I wont be under 134
tomorrow so dont even bother 
asking, hopefully Saturday I'll 
have broken the barrier! Wish
me luck my pretties <3 &&&

I want to say thankyou to Victoria for being there for me. Really enjoy having someone see from my point of veiw. Luv you Tori

& if anyone wants to text me (Canada or the US) just leave a number.

I love plato and all his Quotes
Ignorance, the root and the stem of every evil.


  1. good luck getting under 134! i'm sure you'll do it :) and love the pictures xx

  2. Thanks I'm working out for well over an hr today, and thanks, I look at thinspo half the time and always take my fave pics and put them on here. :]

  3. Good luck! keep pushing, you're doing really well :)