Sunday, July 10, 2011

Coffee & Cupcakes

I love cupcakes but I'm not having any
for a long time. But my mom got me 2
coffee mugs that are from a cupcake
shop, there soo colorful and cute! hehe

Today I am 131.8! soo happy
I'm soo close to the 120's i can
almost taste it! ;] thats a joke!

Downfall to today is the fact that
we r having a family bbq here bla
soo Its going to be difficult but I
think I can manage just one meal.

my work out plan is a 2hr swim
burning a little over 600 calories
1 hr walks burning about 160
1 hr low impact stepping to burn
a little more than 300 cals so in
the end I will burn over 1000 cals

hope I can pull it off!
wish me luck! Ill update you latter on my AZ plan ;]

Beautiful people never lie
haha hey there's a lie to look at
<3 dont wait for it to happen
make it happen!


  1. Good luck with your exercising. Fill up your plate with fruits and veggies if you can. Stay strong.

  2. Thanks you two!
    Going to go on a walk
    to burn off some of what I ate
    mostly fruits tho! hehe

  3. Keep it up! I"m so excited for you! Breaking into a new digit on the downswing is such a rush!

  4. Thanks darling
    & I'm so stoaked to see 120's!
    makes me work harder seeing how
    close I am :]