Friday, July 22, 2011

My bags are packed...

& the plane awaits my arrival
new ppl, new atmosphere...

to be honest I'm scared to go...
like if I come home and weigh
138! or 137! Idk what I'd do
Im working for 131 for when
I get back. You guys know
my plan. Lets hope it works

Not really eating today
Due to the boyfriend
guilting me into food
we made sweet potato
fries! there amazing
and healthy... but i just
didnt want to eat... n
he has said he didnt
care before. that its
my body I can do
what I want... & then
yesterday he changed
his mind & hes worried

& im obsessed... I always have been.
My intake, food, thin, pretty, fat, ugly.
that will never change. Its just lately I
show it. I will tell him whats going on.

Were alone in rooms alot of the time...
but honestly were really not. Because
ana is on my sholder whispering how
much harm Ive done. that I shouldent
have had those fries even if it made
him happy, that I shouldent have a
rum and coke to ease the pain becuase
that has calorise to... I love her, so
much. But I love my boyfriend more.

22 days till our Anniversary!
:) happy. Scared... I don't
want to ruin that day with
something to do with food.

Trying to get to 125 by then
the 13th of August. Depends

& the new Gym neer my house has its
grand opening on the 5th-7th! Soooo
excited! Should help my achieve my
goals! <3 When school starts im going
to try and go 5 times a week. <3

hope i havent bored you guys
Ill miss you all! soo much! <3

will you miss me when im gone
when ive faded away <3


  1. i'll miss you so much!! try to have a good time and ignore ana at least while your on vacation <3

  2. Sweet potato fries? I've never ehard of them nevermind try them. They sound alright though. :-)

    Ahh I'm excited that a gym is opening near you! I love the fact I live so close to a gym.