Thursday, July 21, 2011

Arizona Sunshine!

Yes I have been gone a while but
I've been going through alot and
I know I'm not 130 yet but I am
Bloated due to the fact that my

Lady days are coming up... witch sucks!
& I leave tomorrow to Arizona Sadly!
It will be hard dodging around the fam..
specialy with no ones support there... no
internet or anything... this blows! lol

but I'll message you guys tomorow
and when I get back I'm hoping on
being around 131. Cute numba I
knows! hehe. & I totally have a plan

Wake up -
walk, swim, have some fruit
Lunch -

My mom said she has alot of activities planned
so I know were going to be eating out alot but
Arizona is one of the healthiest places out there
So I will mostly be eating fruits and salads!
Dressing on the side ;] <3

& if we eat out for breakfast I can always
get a plate of fruit :) hehe. Now I'm happy
that I can actually do this. as long as I have
no pasta bead or any of that, I'll be good

Hope everyones doing amazing
I miss you blogs! Ill read some later possibly!

If you take life too seriously, the world will swallow you whole
& I'm pre sure I wrote that! haha
Well as long as you dont swallow it ;]


  1. Im glad you have things planned out, that's great! I hope you enjoy your trip :)

    dont forget to stay motivate while youre there! xoxo

  2. Enjoy your trip! Stay positive and just eat healthy and exercise. I hope you have lots of fun!

  3. Thanks you two :)
    and I`ll be thinking of
    my goals 24 7! sucks I
    wont be able to contact
    you, or anyone for that
    fact haha

    love you darlings