Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm a blue fish drowning in a see of birds...

see that quote that is the title, mine!
cuz i wrote it and ppl steal my stuff
n dont seem to give me

I needa come out now... and i know this
is going to be supper depressing but ...I
just can't do this anymore. how long am
I supposed to 'act' happy... i was told if
i act long enough eventually it would be
real... but honestly I dont know whats
real and whats not anymore... I'm alone
here, all I have is my boyfriend and I'm
unable to open up to him... and its been
2 years in August. My only friend who
was my true best friend moved... and
no one can replace her. ever... but I've
never opened up to her either... no one

and the thing is I cant... I cant tell anyone everything
because it always ends in betrayal... the person who
was my other bestfriend she hates me now. Idk why
guess its cuz when I have a problem no one has time
to listen... specially when i need someone. and i make
my voice heard. Honestly I'm an amazing person and
anyone would be lucky to have me as a friend but I'm
alone... and I need someone... anyone. someone here

i know i have you guys... but your
over there, and im over here, alone
I'm trying to avoid making this sad
and depressing. think ive achieved
it. its not all my emotions... not
even close...


  1. oh deary, i'm so sorry that you feel this way :( you shouldn't have to, feeling alone is one of the worst feelings out there. All us on blogger are here for you, and if you ever need to personally contact people there are ways to acheive that too

    keep your chin held high girl, we're all rooting for you

  2. thanks so much darlin
    it really means alot to me
    and sorry i havent been responding
    alot of ppls comments have been
    marked as spam for some reasone