Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ABC numba 6!

Sooo I went 100 over, and I feel fat
lately thats how I feel, fat... guess its
cuz I'm still 134, but on the bright 
side, tomorrow is a new day! And
hopefully I can burn enough calories 
today that I will finally break the 
barrier! I hope

on another not I feel terribly alone
everyone has someone to go to but
me... like I wish I had someone who
saw things from my point of view...

Honestly tho, no one does
Another good note!!! isss 
my collar bones are soo 
dominant it makes me :) 

hope everyone is doing great and I want to thank Bella for reminding me to look on the bright side of things and keep positive.

Id be happy at 14 lbs, Id be ecstatic at 20 lbs
the more you lose the more you win!

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