Monday, July 11, 2011

F**k Food

honestly i worked my ass off yesterday
fucked up my knee and yes I shouldent
have eaten that Lemon mereing pie! ok!
132.7... no! I hate it... I was supposed
to be a solid 131 today! :[ I hate food

Today I wana stay under 300
So far Ive had a coffee, tryed
this new cream in it (funny I
like my coffee black) so thats
30 cals... the rest of the day
ill try and do veggies and fruit

stupid left overs from a stupid
bbq... honestly. How am I
supposed to workout today if
my knee is messed up? & its
supposed to be thundershowers
so its not like I can swim and its
31 degrees atm... im melting! ugh

sorry if i sound moody... i just
was really excited to see the
120's by weds or thurs... :(
guess i could play some wii
games that doesent involve
movement of my feet... blaaa

On a positive note I have lost
alot of weight since i first started
150 what my start and now im
132.7... thats almost 20lbs... so
thats good... wish the 2.7 would
dissapear. anyways not working
today! Can focus on getting skinny
maybe ill drink alot of tea! haha

tea detox! doesn't sound
like a bad idea! haha :]

Id like to be light enough that when the wind comes it would pick me up & I'd float away...


  1. omg i know exactly how you feel! i got stuck at 132 at the end of a six day fast :( i was so excited to see the 120's too. I also started my weight at around 150, i'm so proud of you! i know you can do it, just hang in there!!!

  2. I'm really trying
    haven't really had
    much today... coffee
    and lots of salad
    not all that hungry tho

  3. green tea is great for cleansing your body- and it speeds up your metabolism!!
    i hope you get to see the 120's soon!

  4. Thanks for the support
    & I love green tea!
    haha all the better :]