Monday, July 11, 2011

It's kind of a funny story...

great movie but honestly I just felt like
blogging right now... have to work in
the morning... how much sleep will I
lose tonight? Hope I will bounce back

to 131 tomorrow,
oh wouldn't it be
nice... hehe song

had maybe 300-400
cals today... I tryed
to wrkout a little but
I only burned 300...

possibly more for the activities
I dont count. Its funny tho... I
just did a quiz that tells you "if"
you have an ED or not, haha I
came out positive! I dont think
I do tho... cuz if I did, wouldent
I be skinny? w.e its all BS & lies

hope to see 120's by
weds or thurs! B4
warped tour! hehe

we deserve to smile
because we are 
beautiful! <3


  1. Youre closer &closer to the twenties, you'll deffinately be there in time for warped tour :D