Wednesday, July 6, 2011


thats how i feel
fat, lazy, sloth, a glutton
n it sucks... I'll write later
time for work...
still at 134...


  1. Everyone fails sometimes. You just got to hang in there, to stay positive. Be more like "I can't change what has already happend, but I can definetly controle what will happen"-ish.

    I know it's not a lot of help. I know what it feels like, being in a black hole like that. But objectively, I think it's the best advise there is. It's helped me tons through some of the dark times.

    Everybody falls down sometimes. You just have to stand back up again :)

  2. very true
    always look at things from a different perspective, thanks for the advice
    darling, and tomorow is a new day
    :] hoping to have cracked the 134
    burrier by tomorrow! hehe working out
    hardcore tonight!

    always room for improvement