Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ABC dayyyy 5...

sooo for some reason my blog
isnt letting me comment but i 
will try and respond to you
guys later and see if it lets me

today went out for sushi
was forced into it and i 
love sushi.. guess the cals
700 in total... today was
supposed to be 100. ugh

hate having rents home really do
so to burn it im going swimming 
for 1 hr and dancing for at least
30 mins witch will burn about
550 calories plus i did alot of
walking today so I'll be back 
down to 100 

the burn hurts alot, my mom
put the Alo on my back and 
it felt like ice! lol dancing may
be difficult but i will do what
ever it takes.

so how is everyone?
i feel really alone on here lately... am I really that non interesting? lol

Gonna do my nails like that
only the dead men see the end of the war


  1. If it does the same to you as it does to me, heres how I make it work.
    When it asks you to log in again, un-check the "keep me logged in" box. Then you should be able to comment :)

    You'rr trslly lucky you have a pool. I absolutely looove to swim, it's my favorite exercise, but it's so expensive going to the public places here in DK. Sucks :/
    Credits to your being so persistent. You go girl :)

  2. Aweh thanks darling
    and Yup I'm finally allowed to comment haha and Swimming is my fave too!
    you could always get one of the
    really big inflatable ones to
    stuff in your backyard lol
    and I'm really trying!
    thanks for the support tho :] <3

  3. your not alone. Most of us went MIA for the weekend. lol I hope you can stay motivated. I need to as well. I would love to have you as a partner if you would like to text me sometimes. like through out the day or whatever =) I have a ana pal that I found on yahooanswers who has been great. we have been friends for 2 years now!

  4. I would absolutely love that!
    and yup I was on board with the Mia thing haha and I am as motivated as ever! I'll message you my number?