Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada day...

soo the night was great but atm
im bored and cant sleep n want
to go downstairs and watch tv
but i know me, n i know ill eat

n ive already had 500 n i dont wana
break that, i need to stick to this. for
me... im tired but awake and sad...

i really wish i just had someone
next to me holding me not asking
whats wrong, but just telling me
everything going to be okay...

anyone else Canadian? lol
fireworks were pre amazing

I wish I was light enough
that my boyrfirend could hold me up
I need to be held right now... 


  1. Well we are here to support you anyway you need. If you are board just look up a ton of thinspo pictures and blog all you want. Stay strong. You can do this. Everything will be okay. If you want you can e-mail me and tell me whats wrong if you want someone to talk to.
    You'll get there.



  2. thanks, ur so sweet
    and that actually means alot to me
    to know that someone cares :)
    ill try and email you some time