Friday, July 1, 2011

ABC Day 1

500 cals
going out tonight
soo less temptations
around me :] hehe

so I do believe in being healthy
and eating right and getting the
amount of cals you need to eat
in a day, girls: 2000 boys: 2500

but I truly need this,
Ive struggled with my

weight my entire life n
im just so sick n tired 
of all this extra... me..

so once im finished the 10-15
day of ABC I will try and eat
healthy... I make no promises
due to my past experience but
I'll give it a shot... ive done it 

b4 so I can do it again =]

wish me luck luvies
anyone have new news to share?

I will be skinny


  1. Goodluck on your ABC diet! It seems pretty extreme! But I wish you the best of luck. Would you mind uploading your weight and goal weight so we can see your progress.

  2. I'm still 134
    and it is extreme
    witch is why i cut it down to 15 days
    lol thanks for the support tho
    and hopefully my weight changes
    lady issues atm... nuff said lol