Saturday, July 2, 2011

ABC Day 2

round 550 but i went swimming
and burned off major cals, just
sucks that I work for my dad 
mon-weds... Hope he doesn't 
try and take me out for lunch...
its going to be hard avoiding 
food when my rents get back

What are some excuses I could used
other than I dont feel well?

any suggestions?
love you guys
and thanks soo much for all the support
it really means alot to me

PS: ur gonna have to wait till Tuesday or Wednesday for my most accurate weigh in results due to the fact that I am a girl... who has her lady days. haha too much info i know.. haha

watch me dance hard until im stumbling ;]


  1. i cant do that tho if i have to get a ride with him to get to work and everything.
    i can for somethings but ugh. its gonna be hard :[

  2. say you ate already, or are going out to eat, or picked up some food on the way home etc...lunch is easy to fake but dinner not so much because that's usually a family thing. i used to pretend i had a really large pigout with friends say if we went to a movie in the early evening and that would be my excuse not to have dinner. sometimes i would even fake a dinner date with friends and just drive somewhere and read, or go for a run. although some days you'll be forced to eat with them. if so, plan your day around it. don't eat anything for any other meal if you know you'll be forced to eat with your 'rents. hope this helps xx

  3. trueee thanks
    it helps for when im done work
    but since i work for my dad at
    his office its hard to say i
    already ate lunch cuz he would
    have noticed if I did or not.
    I'll find a way around it lol

    thanks so much tho <3