Monday, July 4, 2011

ABC #4

today went pre great
did eat a lil over
butttt i worked off 300
cals swimming yay me
haha might go out again

but i burn my back alot so 
it kinda is killing me... :[ bla
im still hungry! not good!!!

n im in pain so i dont 
feel like working out
lol idk ill just watch
tv er something nice

how is everyone???

its 8 now... i binged, purged, swimming soon... i feel like vomit, haha... oh mia still bleaching my teeth btw, there really white!

She got a tan and I got a sunburnnn
<3 owl citayyy


  1. ouch sunburn :( i can imagine working out would be painful because your sport bra/shorts would be rubbing against your back! maybe just rest tonight and let your burn calm down a bit. x

  2. Yea I ended up just swimming
    for an hr so no rubbing for me!
    Ive learned my lesson tho
    No more tanning! loool
    not until this burn heals
    but I think im the shade I want
    I dont wana be a supper tan barbie doll, bleck! gross haha
    thanks for the support tho love