Sunday, July 3, 2011

ABC 1,2, 3!

So its day three and I feel great!
feeling kinda sick but im contemplating

on working out, or just doing some
movement, like hoolahooping or wii
idk why, just bored, only went over
a lil on the calories but i worked it off
by swimming and walking with friends

long day, but it was fun
im getting a kick-ass tan!
Finally! haha I'm hoping 
I will be in the high 120's
by the end of the 10 days

have my lunch for work all set out
Some hummus (100 cals) and veggies
(0 cals) might also have a salad but
Haven't decided yet, probably just a
coffee for breakfast. keep it low

So how is everyone?
I'm loving having a pool! haha
Tanning everyday!
When I hit 130 I promise pics!

I love the courage tattoo, might get it behind my ear
Could look interesting, canoeing this summer! and kayaking
should be a memorable one :] 

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