Thursday, June 30, 2011


you wouldent beleive how I missed mia
today was a must. and it makes me feel
great. the only reason I stoped was for
a friend... my one best friend.

But I dont think she cares anymore due
to circumstances. About me. no one does
so... im home alone all weekend. Witch
means I can eat what I want or choose
not to eat completely.

Im sorry but Mia isnt coming back as a
day to day thing, cuz I am trying to bleach
and lighten my teath. & last time she just
stayed too long and ppl noticed. Plus I
want to look amazing this summer!

Highliting hair hopefuly today, bleaching my
teeth, getting a major tan and getting a riped
body. noo not ripped but I wana be 120 b4
the end of summer... and im still 134... ughh

soo sorry mia, visit when needed tho.
tomorow I am starting a 10-15 day
portion of the ABC diet. I'm going to
be travling with the fam so no more
than 15 days is all I can do.

Tomorrow I am hoping on being way
under 500! cuz my rents are going to
be gone, as well as sat and sun. 

wish me luck you guys.
im also going to workout
for an hr tonight since i couldent
let mia do all the work ;]

wish me luck!
how is everyone?
heard some are changing to tumbler