Friday, June 3, 2011

Tough luck

Today was damn tough 
& the bf kept trying to 
feed me sweetish fish
i had two, 18 cals each
no fat no this no that so
i didnt think it was that 
bad... & then I get home

chips awaiting my arrival
110 cals in total. counted
every single one. but i feel
bloated, fat, worthless, sloth
i cant believe i did that.. 

hope im still under 134 
tomorrow. didnt get a 
chance to work out 
today. its almost 12! 
im not going to now.
should get some rest

i love you darlings
and thanks so much
for all the love and
support <3 

I will be skinny
you guys mean the world to me!


  1. i love you babes!
    You'll be okay! just work extra hard today !

  2. I'm going to ;]
    before the party that is
    I'll be texting you so I
    dont get tempted, is that okay?