Friday, June 3, 2011

Jaw Dropper!

When I woke up I felt guilty
Bloated, Fat, Worthless...
& it was soo difficult to get
myself to weigh myself...
but I did. & now I'm happy

that I did! ;]

The good news!
133.6 I havent weight this little since
April 2010. :] I really wasnt expecting
that number, but i feel good now. I did

do a full body search on myself and the
only thing that I like is when i lay down
& you can see my hips & ribs. <3 

Going to the boyfriends
today. I told him I wasnt
feeling too good last night
n i wasnt! So ill just tell him
im still not feeling the best
to eat. Perfect <3 

I hope you all are doing amazing!
& feel as happy as I do right now!
Keep working hard & know that I care about you!


May love be the sunshine in ur days
- Heather MB


    See i effin' told youuu ! :P
    So proud of you babess,
    i hope i can get downn to that againnn ! :(
    <3 I hope we get some cash so we can hangout the end of the month and be happy together! :D

  2. I'm so down!
    & ur taller than me
    so technically i should weigh less than you lol, love you babes
    & I'm effin proud of you too!

  3. lmfao BY AN INCH! xD
    you crazy fuck !
    ahahah thanks thoguh babee :P

  4. Great job on the weight loss. That's sooo great. I bet you feel amazing right now!

  5. I do feel great!
    lol & thanks :]
    its cuz of your girls love & support
    withought you guys i dont think id
    have been able to do it <3