Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rain Rain go away...

Its like thunder & lightning are trying 
to see who is stronger right now...
I like the pelting of raindrops at my
window but i could go without 
the ghastly thunder and bright lights

133.2. Only a few points 
but as you guys know i 
did binge a little last night
sadly... today I'm going
to work hard! cuz I have
a party to go to and I'm
scared I might cave into
the snacks n all that jazz

so if I do, its kick butt time now! 
Hoping to be around 132.8 and
under by tomorrow Wish me luck

how is everyone doing btw? ready for summer yet?

PS: I'm upping my weight-loss for the challenge

The world is full of opportunity 


  1. Goood luck baby you can do it!
    If you need to snack snack healthy! fruitttt lots of fruits&veggies
    that's all i did yesterday till i gave in a little.
    and i lost.

    I know you can do this!

  2. but what if theres nothing healthy at the party! lol & thanks babes <3