Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2!

135.8 this morning, I was hoping for
135.4 n under but I guess this is fine
after all i didnt gain, didnt stay the 
same. Just looking on the bright side

& as most of you know it is
day 2 of the bikini challange!
Can't wait for the 5th! 2nd
round of pics and post weights

the 11th is my boyfriends birthday so i really
want to look amazing for him, trying to get
to 133 for it. tomorow im going shopping 
for his gifts. should be exciting. btw it will
be our 2 year on August 13th :] hehe

I love you all & want to thankyou for the support
as well as all the fabulous tips
keep working hard
<3 x0x


  1. Good job with your loss! and awww, two years :) cute!