Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hey Girlie's!

So Ive decided after every 5 lbs 
I would like to reward myself but
due to the fact that I dont currently
have a job these rewards have to
be inexpensive. & I'm haveing a 
really hard time coming up with
ideas. I dont want these rewards
to be food or calorie related.

Please help me?

PS: Bikini challange day 1 went perfect!
trying to get down to 135ish tomorow

Rich, skinny, famous, pretty
But just in case I still feel empty
I'll just buy some self esteem
But I can't find it in a magazine


  1. You can give yourself a home makeover, like a mani/pedi or conditioning treatment.

  2. a relaxing stress free day.
    pick flowers somewhere near buy and fill the bath and put candles all over the room and pretend your at a spa. Make a home made face mask.

    ^ as she said mani/pedi's

    one three day break from working out.

    sleep extra one day?

    lots of things! :D

  3. lol kays thanks you guys for the ideas, i like the mani/pedi & home spa ideas
    I'll be sure to keep it all in mind =]