Monday, May 23, 2011

I must be honest now

of why I disappeared....
Ive been going through
alot lately, specially
with school coming to
an end in June... oh
exams are going to
be killer this year...

and so...
i slipped
fell and
hit my

and now im sitting at
a whopping 140... 
yea I know I must be
a disgrace now... but 
im back now! I will 
get down to 130 before
summer (June 24th) I
promise you this <3

I love ur support
from everyone it
really helps me 
specially on bad 
days. witch most
days are sadly...

the Plan:

*count! everything
138 - 27th
135 - 3rd
133 -10th
130 - 17th

give me alot of time
to drop the 10 that 
i need to drop. again
pics will be posted at
135 <3 soo on the 3rd
of June. btw, gym is
opening up in August! I 
am soo thrilled that it
will be close to me! 

i luv u all
wish me
luck <3

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