Tuesday, May 10, 2011


why am I slipping up
why am I not doing my best
why can I not pass this

I've been 130 b4, 
so I know I can 
get back to it! N
I should be there
now but I'm not

I wana at least be 135.7 tomorrow
Witch is in sane because apparently 
as of tody I am 136.7... so thats an
entire pound! But, I can do it, I will
do it. So by the 12th I better be 135.
nothing, just 135 straight up. Its just
this one bump that gets me, n then I
give up? Not this time...

wish my luck dolls
so tired! need to 
get more sleep! lol
hope everyones
doing greateeee 

love you xox

Fact: I'd like to try out modeling one day...


  1. ughh i have the same problem, once i get to the mid thirties something always happens and i end up back at 144 but so far im doing well. I started running with a friend so i dont focus on food as much. Thats something that could work for you (:

  2. definitely
    i really cant wait till the gym opens neer me... sucks i have to wait till August... till then I'll find a running buddy. thatnks for the advice :]