Monday, May 23, 2011

quick update

I am attempting the 
Mary-Kate Challenge
from Tues-Friday

my goal is to get around
40 points and if possible
50! its just for 4 days =]

friday will be difficult
due to fam and friends
coming over for dinner
blaa sucks but I shall
do my best and update
ery day and if any one
would like to join me 
plz post on this blog!

thx so much to lolababy for the idea <3 

PS: just to make the challenge 
a lil more interesting I am adding
on what category your in for the 
points youve earned. I didnt come 
up with the challenge but I think 
making categories will be much 
more motivational...

1 - sweetest perfection (40 and higher)
2 - could use some work (21-40)
3 - plz try again later (0-20)

yea trying to make them 
not sound so harsh... lol

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