Sunday, February 6, 2011

Unzip me and make me Skinnny

i think shes perfect
so if ppl can look like that
then i should be able to

and yea ive been gone
for the past while but
im back now and yea

im still sitting at 140
by the end of this month i wana be
130 and im working so haard to get there

today is my free day
where i can't eat anything
and its hard atm cuz

theres a nectarine downstairs
and its only 50 cal and i
worked out and i burned 200 cal

so theres a lil voice in my head
saying do it, you deserve it
and i wana kill that voice cus i dont deserve it

i dont deserve any of it
cuz I'm just not good enough.
and i need to punish myself

becuase i dont wnaa be fat
i dont wana be 140
i wana be 115!

i dont want the nectarine
but i do at the same time....
how am i supposed to not cave???

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