Friday, January 21, 2011

fml fml fml

sooo i have not been good this week
thanks to the grama coming into my life
ugh why cant she take her hungarian cooking
and bring it somewhere else

sooo the plan was to not eat for
saturday and sunday so tomorow
and now thats all fucked cuzzzz
the bf wants to go out for lunch
and he knows im free cuz the plan
was to just chill and then hes like
mall! and now hes like lunch?

and what am i supposed to say?
fuck food, i hate food, im not eating
he already knows, he was there
a week out two ago and he was
like... why arnt you eating?
cuz i was cooking for him
cuz i enjoy making him food
and im like.. i already ate (lie and he knew it)

so i dont wana worrie him anymore
but i need my control...
so new plan... sunday nothing
monday to wednesday is a cleanse
grean tea sups for break and lunch
and grean tea for dinner

and at least 40 mins on the oliptical
plz support me in this
i need it

how is everyone?

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