Sunday, February 6, 2011


yea i get it
was supposed to be freeday
no cal, just empty

was convinced that i deserved
the 50 cal peice of fruit
then i wanted chili...

yea supperbowl, kinda what happens
soo total for today 700-800
chili is debatable

i also had yogurt 100 cal
yea i had alot of chili.. i get it
im a fat ass ughhh fml

the reason i had yogurt is cuz
i dont consume dary products and
ostioporosis runs in my family

and im already 5'5... not good
plus the pop that i drink on a day to day
basis sucks out all the nuitrients in my bones

soo yea. tomorow all i get it 100 cal
and thats for a yogurt.

i promise.

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