Saturday, June 25, 2011

So sorry!

sorry ive been gone for a while
I'm sick atm, really sucks! ughhh
Just sitting here getting my summer 
plans and goals in check... yup
yesterday was my last exam!

Summer is official now! hehe
I will update you all with my
weight in a day or 2, but for
now i just want to live n not
stress it. time to highlight my
calender! hehe bright colours
keep me motivated! 

PS: cut my hair wayyyyyy tooo short
any ideas on how to grow it FAST!?

thanks for all the support, n i promise
i wont disappear on you guys ever
again without notice <3 

She is beautiful
inside and out


  1. I've heard horse shampoo works to grow out hair and I've heard that if you massage your shampoo and conditioner into your head it will help but I don't know for sure. And I hope you get feeling better soon. Being sick is never fun.

  2. Ive been giving myself scalp massages
    and thanks for the tips
    and I'm trying, taking lots of meds
    lol no fun! <3