Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 10! weigh in

134.7 was hoping for a little lower like 134.5
but I guess I can live with that, still trying for 
133 before tomorrow! & yea I know I have
been slacking off, soo I needa get back in

going to go to the mall after school
should be fun hehe supper tired atm
but I'll live! lol

so how is everyone ?

Live like its ur last day
fight for what is right


  1. Good job for keeping your weight down! i'm currently stuck at 136, i just can't stop eating. i'm so sad. but i'm starting my fast tomorrow (miso soup allowed) and hopefully i'll stick to that. my plan is to fast until i weigh 126

  2. Ello Sugah,
    your making progress so thats still good (: ahhh! the mall thats soo tempting, dont bring money so you cant buy anything to eat haha. your weightloss seems pretty good, i just got into the 30s recently :P i plan on getting down to atleast 136.9 tomorrow, fingers crossed! ha but yeah love your thinspo. my favorite one from this post is the first one, look at those legs! haha someday we will look like that (: <3