Sunday, May 1, 2011

This place about to blowwww

so i hate my scale
cuz today it decides 
to go all loopy on my ass
yea its soo fun!
138.4? 136.7? 139? 
140? 138.8?

Drove me nuts!
Like I know my weight
is bound to go up today
cuz i decided to have a 
few jubjubes b4 bed
so obviosly its gonna 
go up cuz they have just
been sittin in my tummy 
all through the night.

So anyways, to get my ass back into gear
I will be going on my oliptical soon for at
least 20 mins. Probably 30, but it just gets
really boring cuz I dont have a TV down 
there... so its like death! lol Really wana
shoot myself right now... ugh and I'm 
going to the boyfriends today. Friday he
kept telling me to eat, so i finaly got the
courage to eat an egg containing 75 cals

Today I am try to stick to my plan:

150 - morning shake & pills 10:30
0     - green tea 1
0     - green tea 3/4?
100 - peanut butter 6/7

250 cals for the day? Hope I can do it! No one should be able to mess it up.
I need this, just one day under 300. Just this one, gosh I dont feel like posting
a thinspo pic today. bad mood. Time for the oliptical! lol oh fun...

I love you all darlings!
x0x  keep pushing 

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