Sunday, May 1, 2011


today was a disaster
but tomorrows a new 
day... right? To start
over, learn from our
mistakes thats all...

today was a big mistake, couldn't have been over 1500
but it defiantly was over 1000. its like driving a dagger
into my heart right now... anything would be better then
this... i need mia right now. but i have to keep her locked
up cuz I mad a promise. To my one friend that I have to
keep. A promise is a promise right? Mias angry and wants
out. Anas guilty and is conducting tomorrows plan... and tues
and weds... 3 days. thats all. Let her do all the work right?

mostly water...

150 - weight loss shake 
15 - weight loss green tea
5 - 2 pieces of gum
0 - green tea (as much as i want)
50 - half a banana (if I'm good)

id like to be 120 lbs...
just for 3 days right?
can drink as much water
and tea I want.

at least 15 mins on the oliptical everyday too.
not just for the tree days but till the 20th.
wish us luck.

One day I'll love my body...

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