Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Supppper Happy!

138.2 yes, I'm back to it! 
Now its time to get to the 
imporntant  goals like 130
and 120 and eventually 114

I feel acomplished =]
btw you guys, dont 
gorget! tomorow is
the bikini challange!
post pics and updates

<3 I love you all 
Good luck 
& keep on working


  1. YAY!
    i'm soooo proud of you :]
    I knew you could doo it!

  2. Great job on getting back to 138.2. It's always good to get a jump start!

  3. Awww, love, thank you so much for your comment! Hope your dad gets the laser surgery... it's such a turning point in one's life (I don't even remember how it feels like not to have to wear glasses all the time).

    You've done great, darling!! You're so wonderful, congratulations to 138.2!! Keep up the amazing work :D

    P.S. Most of my pictures come either from flick, random internet browsing or my favorite weheartit.com-- go check it out and you'll fall in love like I did! :)

    Best of luck to you, sweetheart!

  4. Brit: Thanks :] I'm really happy I got back down to it.

    Thin or Not: Perfect Jump start I must say! & thanks so much for the support.

    Lu: I really hope he does to, & I know ur gonna love it when you dont need glasses all the time!
    & thankyou soo much for the support, really keeps me motivated, and thankyou for the picture web sites! I will be sure to check them out!

    Love you all!
    Heather <3