Monday, May 30, 2011

Rah Rah! I'm a monsta!

So tired! I wish I could just go back to bed.
Got about 7 hours of sleep, Hoping to take 
a nap after school to get it up to 8. Yes I'm 
still doing the MK Challenge. Its actually fun 

So now for some odd reason 
I'm stuck at 140. I hate 140 n
anything thats above 140 cuz 
its such a huge number... for 
my body that is... Its makes 
me feel gross and worthless

Why does this keep
happening to me! 
Need to be 130 
for summer, and 
under 135 for my
boyfriends birthday
(June 11th) I wana
be pretty. Its just
sometimes I dont
feel like im good
enough... but on
the positve....

I'm addicted to water! 
I'm on my second cup 
this morning, with ice
cuz its damnnn hot! lol

Also tomorow I'm going shopping
for my boyfriends birthday gift! idk
yet what I'm getting him, aside from
a video game... anyone have ideas?

So how is everyone anyways??? & Is anyone
joining me for the bikini challenge? We start
June 1st! <3 

Thanks for the love and support <3
I'lll always give it right back to ya ;]
Heather <3


  1. babess,
    You can do this! i know you can get past 140! you were at 138 a few weeks ago! you can get down :)
    i'm here if you need mee, and you know you can always call mee or textt!

    && you know i'm doing the bikini challege with you! i'm actually thinking about getting to 125 maybe! if i can do it! only time i've gotten past 130 was when i only smoked cigs and not ate! :P we'll see !
    i love youuuu <3

  2. Dont go back to smoking! lol
    and I know I can do it, I'm just stuck
    atm... witch sucks balls! lol and I'm so
    happpy im not doing the challange on my own!

    I'm sure you can get past 130!
    I have faith in you babes <3
    I love you too <3

  3. Nooo i wont go back to smoking :P the taste grosses me out now, that's how i quit so easy in febuary! i was smoking a pack and a half a day =/
    Exactly your not along :)

    i'ma try really harddd, and i'm gunna try to get to the gym as much as i can!

  4. 140 is an horrible number. I hate it so much. But then I get to 130 and I hate that just as much lol.
    You can't win can you? lol

  5. Lmfao So true
    Id much rather be 130 than 140 tho...
    We will win one day haha <3

    & brit thats great!
    wish I could go to the gym with you
    mine doesn't open till august blaaa