Tuesday, April 26, 2011

what is this maddness???

another post!
2 post in 2 days!
omg yay!... soo 
i feel like crap...

today i weighd in at 140.4
so less then yesterday... 
but its not good enough...

today i consumed about 1100 cals...
ughh the extra 100 pissed me off..
stupid peanutbutter... i chewed on some
jubjubes making sure not to swallow
just get the tast. then id spit them all out

so i thought that was good...
but just... ughhhh 1100???
thats just as bad as saying 2000!
are you kidding me!
how could i just let myself do that

i wanted to puke
truley did... 
n i didnt... 
cuz I mad a promise.

tomorow i have tutoring
less time spent at home 
the better... gonna try 
for 300, possibly 500
n i might workout.. idk 

138 by saturday...
I can do this... I can
i know i can...

tryed on my one Victoria's secret swim suit today

I almost vomited at the sight of my unflattering figure...
138 it will look better. 130 will look good.
120 almost there, 114, perfect. almost perfect... 

is anyone out there?
i need someone.
i need support.
can i do it?

I will be posting pics at 135 or 130

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