Monday, April 25, 2011

The reason why I smile...

I'm not as low in the count as I'd like to be
500cals today, havent been that low in a
long time. control. i keep saying its going
to be worth it. & it will be! I've beennn
slacking for much too long

easter made me gain weight... im 141 atm
yea, ima shoot myself! gahhh plan on getting
to 138 by the 30th of this month, ha yea 3
lbs in 5 days. lets see how this all goes down

think i can do it?
do i have the will power?
the endurance?


1. I'm chubs!
2. I'm lazy
3. I'm not her
4. I'm not 114... or 130 even
5. ... I'm not good enough

1. I will be thin
2. I will be fit
3. I will be better than her
4. I will get to 114! at least under 120
5. I will be better than this.

I wana look perfect for summer

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