Thursday, April 28, 2011

I like that!

soo yea 141 today
cuz of the lady days
i think i said that in
this mornings post

so anyways, Ive been working on cleaning my room.
Getting rid of alot of clothes... damnnn I still have
over 30 pairs of bras! Intence I know. Found so 
much stuff I never wear, but I would like to. Just
feel like it doesent look all that great on me right
now... sadely. My cal intake today was 1000.

Alot I know. Going out after school tomorow so
I will be less tempted. And if i go to starbucks
I'll be sure to get something not loaded in cals.
I'm googling all the info tonight. & then when I

get home I could have a low cal soup. hopefully
I will be under 500... or at least less than 800

My rooms still a mess! ugh! really need to get
on it. I'm finishing up tomorow fer sure. Specially
with all the make up. I might go to walmart and
buy like a mini drawer. Orginization! lol. Keeps
me busy anyways...

So I hope everyone is
doing great! & I wish 
you all luck! =] still
trying for 138 by sat

but since I'm on the

lady days right now,
It might not happen.
ugh! soo not fair!
in soo much pain
too! lol ughhh anyways

love you all! byes <3


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