Friday, April 29, 2011

Crazyyyyy stuff

getting to the goal
b4 its due? =] yup
damnnn right! I am
finally back to my
138 weight. Yes

Its still alot, but thats okay cuz I'm on my way to being back down to 130
and then Even lower to 120, and eventually 114. Maybe even more! Idk
yet. Omg It feels great to be back in the game! gosh <3 Loving this! It
better not be a fluke today! If I weigh myself tomorrow and I weigh more
I will flip! Anyways... yay the weekend starts after school today! lol yup
still in high school, fml right? Things got really intense last night tho... I

truly believe I'm not good enough. & I'm afraid of never being good enough
... it hurts to look in the mirror and hate what you see... all the time. Cuz I
was a fat kid. Hence why I went to fat camp. B4 that, everyone teased me
fatty, heifer, lard but, tubby, chubs, every word you could think of involving
being fat... & I do believe I still am. I just wana be good enough. ugh!

soooo ily guys,
hope ur doing fine ;]
<3 x0x0

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