Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy birthdayyy 2 me

yea soo filled with
chips, cake, and went to Omega (Greek restaurant)
idk what I am atm
i dont think im in the 130s anymore n that scares me
i dont wana see 140 on the scale again

cleanse tomorow - weds possibly
the only challange is tues cuz im out to the movies
and thursday im baking with a friend

we will see

sooo the cleanse consists of
fruit, veggies, and grean tea.
no meats, just some nuts if chosen, n no junkie foods
at the movies ill pro just get a yogen fuz
usually the 100 cals in total one

not too bad =] so wish me luck
love you alll
how is everyone?
message me!

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