Monday, November 22, 2010

were did the pain come from

soo i havent beeen feeling the best latly
and no i didnt make the 140 marker
yea im in the low 140's but just not that low
sadly. anyways was really sick yesterday

felt like razors were cutting at the edges of my tummy
not very fun, still feel kinda funny.
so the meal plan from today aka monday till friday is
breakfast - grean tea suplement
snack - grean tea suplement
lunch - crystal light
snack - crystal light
dinner - apple or any other fruit.
most apples have 120 cal,
so its not too bad

so ill be running at least 30 mins a day
should be fun, schools gonna be retched.. ugh
anyways hope everyones doing great!
keep up the good work =]

the one goal is the one we cherish the most <3

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