Monday, November 29, 2010

i wish i could..

look in the mirror and like what i see
feel confident in myself
say im the best and meen it

i hate looking in the mirror
i have absolutely no confidence
and ill never be the best

i hate feeling that im not good enough
that im a failure

can someone anyone out there help me?

support me?

i wana get down to 120 maybe even 115
has to just has to be below 125
im so sick of this

i was crying cuz i hate the numbers on the scale
i was diong soo well
the numbers kept droping

but when they stop... you know how it feels


  1. you have to think positive!! ur outset makes you sound like a loser!! and u my darling are not a loser, you r a winner!!!##

    youve done it before you can do it again!!#
    now get those numbers dropping


  2. thanks hun
    ill keep that in mind =]
    really just gave me a great boost

  3. ugh i was motivated that day but ive had an awful weekend packed with junk food ughhhh. im thinking tomrow i will restrict myself to fluids. but monday is a fresh day a fresh start. and time to get into the swing of things eh. hopefully we will look hawt in time for xmas and continue ;)


  4. were gonna look damn hot by xmasss fer sure
    and no worries ive been off n on
    but im gettting there
    sorry for the delay
    been out of it but now
    im back ;]

    love you bby girl <3