Friday, November 26, 2010

gahhhh this is driving me nuts

only liquids today
crystal light
green tea
and maybe just maybe juice

i cant belive what happend yesterday
4 pices of pizza? whoa
thats not fair its not
im a failure

ughhhhh and then its not like i could dispose
of it with alll the people there
nope, too many filling the washrooms

and there ppl i know
and non of them should know my secret
so today

3 crystal lights
2 green teas

every two - 3 hrs

a total of... 50 calorise

and then hop onto the oliptical for an hr run
not jog, run, run, run run away from this

tomorow will probs be the same...
sunday is when i have to check my stats...

pray 140, pray less

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