Monday, September 5, 2011

angry faceee

soo yes im pissed about my weight
I do not want to talk about it okay
I will be 128 by the 23rd due to
monthly weigh ins with a Personal
trainer. so thats all fixed but...

yes im angry
cuz my brothers a fuckiing slut
and he brings sleezy ass bitches
around my house who apparently
cant wear shit all that will cover
their ass and tits. and I have to
listen to the stupid sound of a
bedboard slaming my wall and
a fucking grizzlybear/dying dog

there not in a realationship
they are just fuck friends
and i for one think that is
childish and imature and if
they want to screw they should
find their own place, i do not
want to hear them anymore
i dont wana see her face
or hear her grizzly bear noises
okay shes a slut and so is he

i hope karma gets them both good
and apparently my rents are lazy
and wont do a god damn thing
im so sick and tired of the constant
fucking okay my bf and i have been
daring 2 years and hes not aloud
to stay the night but my bro and
his fuck buddy apparently get to

fuckoaibgfajgkhafdhafogkvjfkjaokkbjha;ajajhakabjaklkjajkafkjkjgfklbhjadflkgakfljfd sityosdutusos i hate this fucking shit ughhhhhhhhh >.<

any thoughts?

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  1. omg my old roommate used to bring guys over all the time and they were VERY loud....our rooms were right next to each other and magically our beds were put along the same wall -____-
    the counter thing is just
    i LOVE it, i've been using it for almost 3 years now. it tracks everything and you can put your weight in it and when you lose weight the tracker makes a line graph and idk why that's so cool but i got REALLY excited about the line graph lol