Tuesday, June 7, 2011


thats what today is, its a day for me
just me and how i feel and what i 
yes that does sound selfish, but if u
were in my position you would do 
the exact same

weigh went down a bit 135.6
I had to check... still need get
back to 133, then 130 by fri

wish me luck <3

Be happy cuz your worth it


  1. Elllo sugaaah, thats soo goood you're making progress. (: were in the same weight range! yaaay haha, well im actually high thirties right now but it still feels like we can relate. But yeah goodluck, keeep losing <3

  2. Good luck!!! You can reach that goal! Stay strong!

  3. superxthinxmeh We definitely can relate! & I was 133 but some stuff happened I dont like to talk about lol
    & its great to hear your making progress too! Keep the work up baby girl!

    Thin or Not, Thanks soo much for the support darling, it really means alot & i promise I will be the strongest I can be :)