Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 5! Weight-in!

soo... due to partying last night
& hot dogs, n marshmallows n
booze, n nachos I gained .8 of a lb
some of you may be saying oh!
thats not that bad! but no, it is
bad! every time I gain! every
time i dont lose, i'm a failure

& i fall be hind and it sucks
alot of you dont know this
but i was an obese child. i
went to fat camp and have 
to suffer. & i dont wana go
back to being that fat kid
anymore... :[

So, I am 134
& I need to 
drop 4 lbs for
the next weigh 
in. Wish me 
luck <3

One day I wana be in these pictures


  1. Baby girl, i know you can get back down i love you sooo much!

  2. Thanks babes <3
    n tomorrows a new day!
    love you bbg