Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You are my Sunshine

Goood morning glorious lover
For today I am happy. Yesterday
I did pretty good with a count
of under 300 round 250 and i ran
burning off 100 and today I am

136.5! haha! still not 135 or 120
or 114 but I'm getting there =]

it just sucks cuz sunday, mothers day, we are haing a bbq here...
I'm actually really nervouse. If I'm not 135 by saterday I'm done
for. But if I am I have a white chocolate covered treat waiting for
me. Its a pretzel. I'm not a fan of white chocolate but I'm allergic
to coco powder, so its the only type I can have. it has 140 cals.

Wish me luck!
x0x love yous

Only the strong survive...


  1. thats really good, im sure youll do it in time no problem :). Thats weird, the uk mothers day is in march/april, i assumed it would be same everywhere lol xD. hope you have fun at the bbq with your family xxx

  2. lol thanks =]
    Damn thats weird
    should be the same
    would be less confusing
    I'll try n have fun
    Been so long since
    u were last on!
    felt so damn alone lol

  3. i know, our governments should sort it out! :P
    I knooooow, Im trying to come on everyday now, god bless unemployment, actually have the time now to use the laptop!
    Hope everythings cool. much love xxx

  4. I'm sure they will sort it out on day... damn I just realized the bbq is tomorrow! Wish me luck!
    I'm unemployed too. I so need a job... lol
    love you darlin x0xx

  5. the best of luck tomorrow, i know you will stay strong :). let me know how it goes and remember, have fun xoxox